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Connecting Women Run Businesses Online

Through the SANKALP Project, over 700+ women-run businesses have been registered on the Government of India’s portal. The government’s MSME registration of Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) industries, allows businesses to register their enterprises and take advantage of small business benefits. For women entrepreneurs, this program offers incentives, support and benefits that can jumpstart a new business.

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Frequently asked questions

The WE Project Store is an online platform to showcase the products made by women’s groups trained under AMMACHI Labs’ Women’s Empowerment Projects.

The WE Project store does not handle payments or profit from the sale of women-made products. Instead, it serves as a platform to connect women-owned businesses with potential customers, offering support to kick-start their entrepreneurial endeavors.

In the coming future, we are actively working on establishing a pathway to connect women-owned businesses with potential customers. In the meantime, if you find something you love, please don’t hesitate to contact us at weprojectstore AT We’d be happy to assist you!

We’re eager to collaborate with potential mentors who can lend their expertise to our women’s groups. Whether you have a background in import/export, entrepreneurial experience, or other valuable skills, your support can make a significant impact on our project’s success. Join us in empowering women and fostering economic growth in India through mentorship and shared knowledge. Email us at weprojectstore AT